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More books by Sri Chinmoy

sport & meditation 3D copy_PORTSport and Meditation

The inner dimension of sport

A down-to-earth, practical guide on integrating meditation with sporting workouts and an athletic career. The author offers detailed instructions and shows how meditation and the spiritual arts can help us tap into our inner capacities to transcend all of our notions of performance. With contributions by top athletes like 9-time Olympic gold medallist Carl Lewis, former marathon world record holder Tegla Loroupe, and Olympic long jump gold medallist Tatiana Lebedeva.
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The Adventure of Lifeadventure of life

On Yoga, meditation, and the art of living

Your spiritual guide for the 21st century by Sri Chinmoy

A modern-day spiritual manual that encourages the reader to embrace new ideas, adding a deeper, spiritual dimension to one’s life. In a clear and accessible way, Sri Chinmoy speaks about the spiritual art of living, society and religion as well as popular topics such as chakras, occult powers and the end of the world, and introduces us to a modern spiritual lifestyle with focus on health, diet, sport, family life and the workplace.
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A boxed collection of 55 beautiful cards, featuring inspirational aphorisms and meditative artwork by Sri Chinmoy.

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